CEPH Accreditation

We're CEPH accredited. Here's why it matters.

Accreditation Seal | Council on Education for Public HealthAccreditation ensures the quality and value of our students' education and degrees, increases our ability to attract committed students and world-class faculty, and helps us secure the resources to support the things we do that are most important.

As an accredited college of public health and human sciences, we are positioned to:

  • Enhance and build the health professions workforce, fending off a predicted shortage of public health professionals
  • Apply human sciences such as family science, nutrition, human development and exercise science to public health issues
  • Expand our outreach network of local health departments, health providers, environmental organizations and OSU Extension programs in nutrition, family and community health, and 4-H
  • Bring critical research to bear in solving problems and informing public policy
  • Grow the economy, benefiting the state and region
  • Apply interventions to help manage chronic disease
  • Ensure lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family and every community across Oregon and beyond



The self-study reflects a thorough review of the entire College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

As defined by CEPH, the self-study is an explicit process for evaluating and monitoring overall efforts of the college against its mission, goals and objectives; for assessing the college’s effectiveness in serving its various constituencies; and for planning to achieve its mission in the future. To complete this self-study, we conducted a “systematic, broad-based and integrated evaluation of [our] activities.”


CEPH Accreditation Report

For more information about CEPH accreditation visit the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH)