Health and Healthcare Outcomes Research Program

Health and Healthcare Outcomes Research Program

Evaluating and improving healthcare quality, access, and economic outcomes for people with chronic health conditions.

Our focus

The Health and Healthcare Outcomes Research Program carries out research related to evaluation and innovation in health care to improve health outcomes (i.e., access, quality of life, satisfaction, health related social needs, costs) for people with specific chronic conditions. Health policy implications of these outcomes are a key focus.

Current projects examine the uptake and outcomes of care coordination services and impacts of the pandemic on health care use and health related social needs.

What we do

Our research centers on evaluating and improving healthcare quality, access, and economic outcomes for people with chronic health conditions. With Dr. Hynes’ joint appointment at the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans are a special population focus of our research conducted at the VA. Our OSU-based research focuses on people with specific chronic diseases.

Our research employs health services research methods design (observational and interventional) and integrating large-scale health records, insurance claims (VA, Medicare) and survey data, including use of REDCap for data collection and management. Our OSU-based projects rely on research computing resources supported by the OSU Center for Quantitative Life Sciences, Health Data & Informatics program.

Current Major Projects

Studies based at Oregon State University

Care Coordination uptake among people with mental health conditions (No external funding)

Exploring how care coordination is used and billed in Oregon by examining Oregon All Payer All Claims (APAC) data.

Improving the health of parents and their adolescent and transition-age youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) (PCORI-22459)

Our efforts focus on evaluating fidelity of the care coordination intervention. Collaboration with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, led by Kathleen Thomas.

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Improving the Health of Parents and Their Adolescent and Transition-Age Youth With IDD

Studies based at the VA Portland Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC)

Care Coordination and Outcomes for High-Risk Patients: Building the Evidence for Implementation. (VA HSR&D IIR 21-165)

Conducting retrospective analysis of patients with high level of comorbidity to examine impacts of care coordination services on mortality, health care use, and costs; prospectively evaluating patient perceptions of care integration and provider perceptions about what is working well.

Recent publications

COVID-19 Observational Research Collaboratory (CORC).  (VA HSR&D SDR C19-21-278/9)

Focuses on identifying and examining long term outcomes of COVID-19 illness using an emulated trial design with observational and survey data.

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VA COVID-19 Observational Research Collaboratory (CORC)

Recent publications

PhD Students

Yunyun Ge

Focus on people with diabetes, quality of care, health care use, and costs  

Elizabeth Mace

Focus on people with mental health conditions

Felicity Ratway

Focused on language interpretation to support health care

Tiara Walz

Focused on pain management among military and Veteran population and associated healthcare use and costs



Abigail Mulcahy PhD

(VA and AcademyHealth Fellowship)

Disability and associated healthcare use

Contact info  

Denise M Hynes, BSN, MPH, PhD, RN, Professor, College of Health and Senior Research Career Scientist, US Department of Veterans Affairs

University email: [email protected]

VA email: [email protected]