Environmental Health Research Translation

Environmental Health Research Translation

Environmental Health Research includes research on the air, soil, sediment, water and food. We pair this research with research translation to ensure that communities, regulators and policy-makers have access to the research.

We have several studies in collaboration with the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology. There are also on-going studies with community groups.

We use a variety of multi-modal report-back methodologies (infographics, charts, tables and graphs) to visualize the research findings.

indoor air quality graph

Hurricane Harvey Chemical Exposure Study

In collaboration with Kim Anderson (Toxicology), researchers at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health Center, we have developed a cohort of individuals that experienced flooding from Hurricane Harvey. This study evaluates personal exposure to 1,530 chemicals.

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Disaster IRB

Oregon State University is one of the few research institutions with an active Disaster IRB. We are expanding our disaster IRB capability to include multiple survey tools as well as online recruitment and enrollment.


Corvallis Indoor Air Quality Project

In collaboration with the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, we are conducting an indoor air quality survey using a small, portable air quality sensor. This project integrates data collection with reporting data back to community members.


Report-back Methodologies

Using multi-modal methodologies, we evaluate methods for returning big data to communities and study participants using focus group and survey methodologies.

Learn more at: Linking peer review with personal report-back.