Lauren M. Kraemer, MPH

Lauren M. Kraemer, MPH

Associate Professor of Practice

Office: 541-386-3343

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Academic interests: 

My research interests include chronic disease prevention through nutrition, physical activity, and interventions in the built environment. I am also interested in how changes in health policy, environments, and socioeconomic factors impact health behaviors and chronic disease outcomes. The impact of health disparities on health outcomes is also of particular interest. I am curious about the effects of community gardens and home garden initiatives on fruit and vegetable intake, physical activity, social capital development, and chronic disease prevention. I am also keenly interested in utilizing public health principles and theory to inform the interventions and programs we design, develop, and deliver through the extension program.

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Personal Interests: 

I love exploring in the great outdoors: backpacking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, snowshoeing, surfing, cycling, mountain biking, sailing. I am also a novice gardener working on greening my thumb and learning what grows in the Gorge.


I was raised in the Treasure Valley near Boise, Idaho and attended the College of Idaho for my undergraduate studies. I majored in Psychology and gained an incredible background in understanding human behavior and development. Following college, I joined the AmeriCorps program and moved to Hood River to work in the Healthy Options through Prevention Education (HOPE) program sponsored by the Department of Human Services. I worked with local schools and community groups to help address the teen pregnancy issue in Hood River County.

Realizing I needed more background in public health to be effective in my work, I enrolled in the Master of Public Health Program at OSU in the Health Promotion and Education Track. In graduate school my interests expanded greatly and I had many opportunities to put my new skills to use through internships in the Gorge and a Graduate Assistantship with Student Health Services. I returned to the Gorge following my Masters Program and worked as a public health consultant with several local organizations, helping them to conduct community needs assessments. I was hired by OSU Extension and am extremely excited about opportunities to continue working in the Gorge and helping make the community healthier.

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