Lauren M. Kraemer, MPH

Lauren M. Kraemer, MPH

Associate Professor of Practice

Office: 541-386-3343

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I was raised in the Treasure Valley near Boise, Idaho and attended the College of Idaho for my undergraduate studies. I majored in Psychology and gained an incredible background in understanding human behavior and development. Following college, I joined the AmeriCorps program and moved to Hood River to work in the Healthy Options through Prevention Education (HOPE) program sponsored by the Department of Human Services. I worked with local schools and community groups to help address the teen pregnancy issue in Hood River County.

Realizing I needed more background in public health to be effective in my work, I enrolled in the Master of Public Health Program at OSU in the Health Promotion and Education Track. In graduate school my interests expanded greatly and I had many opportunities to put my new skills to use through internships in the Gorge and a Graduate Assistantship with Student Health Services. I returned to the Gorge following my Masters Program and worked as a public health consultant with several local organizations, helping them to conduct community needs assessments. I was hired by OSU Extension and am extremely excited about opportunities to continue working in the Gorge and helping make the community healthier.

Beyond OSU
Personal Interests: 

I love exploring in the great outdoors: backpacking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, snowshoeing, surfing, cycling, mountain biking, sailing. I am also a novice gardener working on greening my thumb and learning what grows in the Gorge.

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