Youth and Family Mental Health Initiative

Youth and Family Mental Health Initiative

It's time to transform communities and improve mental well-being

An opportunity to act

Oregon consistently ranks among the worst states in the nation in indicators of mental health.

Youth mental and behavioral health ranks just as poorly; suicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults.

In addition, families with young children face a growing wave of difficulties in providing economically stable or secure homes. Nearly 15 percent of Oregon children fell below the poverty line in 2017, and 44 percent of single mothers and 17 percent of couples with children experienced food insecurity in the past five years.

Although these complex problems can't be resolved overnight, we're committed to laying the foundation for a brighter and healthier future for Oregon youth and families.

Partner with us to improve mental health and well-being for youth and families. For more information, please contact Jessica Merkner, Oregon State University Foundation.


Coast to Forest Oregon

Coast to Forest: Mental Health Promotion

Coast to Forest is a community-driven program that increases knowledge and awareness about mental health, substance abuse and available resources.


Panel discussion

Escaping the Shadow: Mental Health Across the Lifespan

Five CPHHS professors present on topics related to optimizing mental health across the adult lifespan. Each presenter has conducted research in the area they are speaking about and integrate results from their studies into the general theme of mental health across the lifespan.


Senate testimony

Coast to Forest: Building Community Strengths to Promote Mental Health and Reduce Opioid Abuse in Rural Oregon.

COH leadership and student testify to the State of Oregon Senate Interim Committee on Mental Health on November 18, 2019. The Coast to Forest project leverages the College of Health and the Oregon State University Extension Service presence in all 36 Oregon counties. It will hire people in the community to build capacity for mental health and to reduce opioid addiction.

Youth and Family Mental Health Initiative

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