News and Awards

Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory

New research grant!

The TMRL received funding from the Medical Research Foundation to study how a drug for Type 2 Diabetes impacts muscle metabolism.

American College of Sports Medicine

The ACSM highlighted a paper published by Harrison Stierwalt, PhD who graduated from doctoral program in Kinesiology 2020.

New publication

New publication on acute effects of exercise on mitochondrial respiration in humans.

Honors College

Isabel Brinck successfully defended her Honor’s thesis (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major). Isabel is applying to medical school. Congratulations Isabel!

New grant!

TMRL received a grant from Erkkila foundation to study insulin as regulation of muscle fat metabolism. See get involved to learn more!

Experimental Biology Conference

Doctoral students Erin McGowan and Phil Batterson each have accepted abstract to Experimental Biology Conference. Congratulations!

New publication

Sarah is lead author on paper about mitochondrial adaptations to high-fat feeding and exercise. Congrats Sarah!

New grant

The TMRL received funding from Erkilla and Good Samaritan Foundation to investigate short-term exercise and muscle lipid metabolism. See how to become a study participant.

Honors College award

Victoria Boechler received a DeLoach Scholarship for her undergraduate Honors research project. Congratulations Victoria!

Honors thesis

Congratulations to Emily and Bergen who both defended their undergraduate honors thesis projects that contributed to a recent publication.

Recent publication

The TMRL recently published a study of exercise regulation of muscle fat metabolism with doctoral student Harrison Stierwalt as lead author.

New Ph.D. Students

TMRL welcomes incoming doctoral students: Erin McGowan and Phil Batterson. Both received funding through Provost awards. Congratulations!

2018-2019 fellowships

Congratulations to doctoral students for 2018-2019 fellowships. Sarah received the Hawthorne Fellowship and Harrison received the Maksud Fellowship.

Summer Internship

Pre-med student Emily Burney squeezes global health, clinical practice out of career-affirming internship in Ecuador.

Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Exercise Training

Robinson et al. assessed the effects of three different exercise modalities on skeletal muscle adaptations in young and older adults. View the results and download full manuscript.

It starts with one

The TMRL is featured in a Synergies publication. Read the full story.

Medical Research Grant

The TMRL has been awarded $30,000 from the Collins Medical Trust to investigate novel and reversible mechanisms of skeletal muscle insulin resistance in human obesity.

Provost's Distinguished Fellowship

Sarah Ehrlicher received the Provost’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, designed to recruit students that raise the profile of the graduate school. Congratulations, Sarah!

Metabolic Research Study

We are currently seeking participants for an ongoing research study. Learn more about the possibility of getting involved.

Maksud Fellowship in Exercise Physiology

Harrison Stierwalt received the George and Rachel Maksud Fellowship in Exercise Physiology. Congratulations, Harrison!