Improving human health through translational metabolism research

In the Clinic

We seek real answers to critical metabolic health issues by studying real people. In partnership with Samaritan Athletic Medicine, we investigate the use of lifestyle intervention – changes in physical activity and diet – to improve metabolic health. Consider participating in one of our ongoing research studies.

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In the Laboratory

We investigate the molecular and cellular basis of metabolic disease and lifestyle interventions. We employ sophisticated techniques to evaluate the role of lipids, mitochondria and various cellular processes in the development of skeletal muscle insulin resistance. Learn more about our research capabilities and ongoing research studies.

Erkkila Endowment

The TMRL has been awarded $25,000 to investigate the Use of exercise to understand and reverse obesity-related insulin resistance.

Sean Newsom, Ph.D.


Sean Newsom received an NIH/NCATS-supported career development award in clinical and translational sciences.

Emily Burney

Summer Internship

Emily Burney has been accepted to a summer internship program for clinical experience in rural and urban settings in Ecuador. Congratulations, Emily!

Bergen Sather

SURE Award

Bergen Sather received the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience award to investigate the regulation of Rac1. Well done, Bergen!

Fellowships Galore

Sarah Ehrlicher received Nutrition Science, Hawthorne, Fields-Rohlfing and Charley Fellowships in recognition of her academic and research achievements. Congratulations, Sarah!

Harrison Stierwalt

Maksud Fellowship in Exercise Physiology

Harrison Stierwalt has again been named Maksud Fellow, for his role in human research to understand the improvement in insulin sensitivity after exercise. Well done, Harrison!