Improving human health through translational metabolism research

In the Clinic

We seek real answers to critical metabolic health issues by studying real people. In partnership with Samaritan Athletic Medicine, we investigate the use of lifestyle intervention – changes in physical activity and diet – to improve metabolic health. Consider participating in one of our ongoing research studies.

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In the Laboratory

We investigate the molecular and cellular basis of metabolic disease and lifestyle interventions. We employ sophisticated techniques to evaluate the role of lipids, mitochondria and various cellular processes in the development of skeletal muscle insulin resistance. Learn more about our research capabilities and ongoing research studies.

News and awards


New research grant!

The TMRL received funding from the Medical Research Foundation to study how a drug for Type 2 Diabetes impacts muscle metabolism.

American College of Sports Medicine

The ACSM highlighted a paper published by Harrison Stierwalt, PhD who graduated from doctoral program in Kinesiology 2020.

New publication

New publication on acute effects of exercise on mitochondrial respiration in humans.

Honors College

Isabel Brinck successfully defended her Honor’s thesis (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major). Isabel is applying to medical school. Congratulations Isabel!

New grant!

TMRL received a grant from Erkkila foundation to study insulin as regulation of muscle fat metabolism. See get involved to learn more!

Experimental Biology Conference

Doctoral students Erin McGowan and Phil Batterson each have accepted abstract to Experimental Biology Conference. Congratulations!