F.L.O.W. Lab

Family Life • Occupations • Well-Being

Led by Kelly D. Chandler, Ph.D.

Our research focuses on understanding how the daily ebb and flow of families' experiences, including in leisure, at work, and in the home, are related to individual and family health and well-being.


It is true that if one finds flow in work, and in relations with other people, one is well on the way toward improving the quality of life as a whole.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


We specialize in the following areas

Family Life

  • Diversity in family experiences
  • Parenting and parental socialization
  • Daily family processes
  • Emotional transmission
  • Family policies


  • Diversity in occupational experiences
  • Working conditions
  • Workplace policies, practices, and culture
  • Organizational justice
  • Work-family interface


  • Physical health
  • Psychological well-being
  • Daily stress
  • Social identity development
  • Social justice for historically marginalized population

Our Approach

Family life, and its intersection with work, is complex. Therefore, we use a variety of cutting-edge methods to understand the daily ebb and flow of work and family life, including:


Multiple data collection modes

  • Quantitative: Surveys, daily diaries, biomarkers, HR and administrative records, ecological momentary assessments (EMA), sociometric badges
  • Qualitative: Semi-structured interviews, focus groups, observations
  • Mixed methods designs


Multiple occasions

  • Yearly, monthly, daily, and momentary



Multiple reporters

  • Mothers/wives, fathers/husbands, partners, children, siblings
  • Executive Directors, managers, employees