Family and Community Health

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Building a culture of health

Land grant institutions and public health share a common mission: Putting knowledge to work in the communities they serve.

Housed on campus and in communities across the state, CPHHS faculty funded by OSU Extension Family and Community Health deliver a variety of proactive health programming and create shared solutions to our greatest challenges to health.

To learn more about the history and responsibility of land grant institutions and the connection between Extension and public health practice, watch “Harnessing the land grant legacy to promote lifelong health and well-being.”

Family and Community Health programs

Better Bones and Balance

Falls are the leading cause of injury for older Americans. The Better Bones and Balance program helps individuals increase strength and balance to prevent falls.

Coast to Forest: Mental Health Promotion

Coast to Forest is a community-driven program that increases knowledge and awareness about mental health, substance abuse and available resources.

GROW Healthy Kids and Communities

GROW Healthy Kids and Communities is a five-year, multi-level research project that seeks to inspire children, families, schools and communities to create opportunities to eat healthy and be physically active most every day.

Healthy Communities Outreach Project

The Healthy Communities Outreach Project focuses on ways to improve the lifelong health of Oregonians where they live, work, learn and play that stimulates innovation and collaboration.

 Oregon Nutrition Education and Outreach Programs

The Oregon Nutrition Education and Outreach Programs are a part of the Extension Family and Community Health Program.  These programs engage with communities across Oregon to provide nutrition education to thousands of limited income youth, families, and adults.

Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative

The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative supports the delivery of high-quality parenting education programs, as well as collaborative efforts to strengthen regional parenting education systems.

Parenting Education Programs

Parenting Education Programs for parents and other caregivers of children play a crucial role in shaping child development. Various resources are available to help young people grow in positive ways.

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