Barbara Brody


Barbara Brody serves as an Associate Professor of Practice within the College of Health, Extension Service, situated in Malheur County. Committed to fostering collective impact, Barbara is dedicated to addressing community challenges collaboratively. Her primary areas of expertise include Workforce Development, Chronic Disease Prevention, and Resilience in Early Childhood.

Barbara's work is deeply rooted in the specific needs of the community she serves. Malheur County, the second largest county in Oregon by land area, presents unique challenges, particularly in its sparsely populated regions where families reside in remote rural areas with limited access to essential services. The county faces various hardships, such as extended distances to services and opportunities, contributing to its alarming child poverty rate of 30%, double the state average of 15%.

Adding to the complexity, Malheur County is characterized by its diversity, with Hispanic individuals comprising over 34% of the populationā€”the second-highest Hispanic population in the state, significantly exceeding the Oregon average of 13%. In this multifaceted environment, Barbara Brody remains dedicated to addressing the pressing needs of the community and implementing impactful solutions.