The children and youth with disabilities lab is focused on improving quality of life for children and youth with and without disabilities through physical activity.

Our vision is that every child is active and accepted.

Our mission is rooted in conducting the best research, teaching and outreach focused on youthful activity for all people. We aim to positively influence physical activity engagement and motor skill development for all children and through this work we aim to provide a gateway to positively influence other domains of development.


Research survey

Complete a survey to help improve our understanding of parental influence on physical activity and motor skills of young children with developmental disabilities.


Currently recruiting for

The lab is currently looking for participants for the Do as I do study.



203C Women’s Building
Corvallis, OR, 97331

Do as I do

Development and evaluation of a novel imitation-based dog assisted intervention, 'DAID training', to increase joint activity and social wellbeing for children/ adolescents with developmental disabilities. Project webpage

Parent behaviors in PA settings

An inquiry into how parents of children with autism spectrum disorder interact with their children in a motor skill-based play setting. Project webpage