Kinesiology grad pursues nursing to positively impact her community

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Nicole Grady

Kinesiology grad pursues nursing to positively impact her community

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Meet Health Hero Nicole Grady

Nicole Grady, ’23, is a first-generation student who graduated with a degree in kinesiology and minors in biology and chemistry. Currently a nursing assistant, she says family support was her driving force in pursuing higher education.

Why did you choose Oregon State and the College of Health to pursue nursing?

I chose to attend Oregon State for its diverse range of classes surrounding health care, the welcoming student environment, and the supportive faculty.

Were you involved in any clubs or community organizations during your time at OSU?

During my time at Oregon State, I was involved in Sigma Kappa, where I actively contributed to our community and philanthropic organizations. I also interned as a certified nursing assistant at the Mennonite Home, assisting residents with their daily activities.

What was your experience like as a student?

I couldn’t have imagined a better experience than what I received at Oregon State, where I was encouraged to strive for personal growth while building connections and being supported by anybody I turned to, whether that was staff or peers.

I have never felt more embraced by a community and will forever be proud to be an alumna of this fine institution.

Did you receive a scholarship, and how did that impact your life and studies?

I was fortunate to receive full financial aid for my education, allowing me to focus on my studies and work part-time to cover my living expenses.

What’s your current role and career path to become a nurse?

Currently, I hold a CNA 2 license and work in the radiology department of a hospital. This experience is helping me grow in the health care field while I apply to accelerated BSN programs.

My passion for serving others and my strong interpersonal skills are what led me to pursue a career in nursing, with the aim of making a meaningful impact in my community.