Faculty presented at OSU's Science Pub

Sean Newsom presenting at OSU Science Pub

Faculty presented at OSU's Science Pub

On April 3, over 100 people gathered in person and online for OSU's Science Pub to hear an exciting presentation by Kinesiology Associate Professor Sean Newsom. His talk, titled "Promoting metabolic health via inhibition: Discovering new benefits of existing medications," took the audience on a fascinating journey through exercise physiology research.

Sean and his colleagues from the Translational Metabolism Research Laboratory have been working hard to find new ways to treat and prevent Type-2 diabetes. During his presentation, he shared some of their thrilling discoveries and the potential they hold for improving people's health.

The audience was captivated by the engaging talk, which highlighted the importance of exploring new uses for existing medications in the fight against metabolic disorders. It was an informative and inspiring evening for all who attended.

Great job, Sean!

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