Oregon Public Health Policy Institute

Public health policies—that is laws, regulations, or rules intended to improve population health —are becoming an increasingly important part of public health practice. Oregon’s local health departments and state public health programs have a central role in developing and implementing policies to prevent chronic disease and promote health, especially as Coordinated Care Organizations and the Affordable Care Act transform the health care delivery system.

The Oregon Public Health Policy Institute (PHPI) is offered to enhance the capacity of these organizations to develop, implement, and evaluate public health policies. PHPI is a unique opportunity to learn practical policy skills in collaboration with public health colleagues from around Oregon in a highly interactive environment.

PHPI 2015 is being held from July 22nd through 24th at Oregon State University in Corvallis, with lead faculty from the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences and financial support from the Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division.

PHPI 2015 documents

Welcome to PHPI (pdf) Activity A - Size of the Problem (docx)
Summary Agenda (pdf) Activity B - Identifying Policy Options (docx)
Preparatory Work (pdf) Activity C - Gap Analysis (docx)
Public Health Policy Process (pdf) Activity E - Economic Analysis (docx)
Quantifying the Problem (pdf) Activity F - Policy Section (docx)
Evidence Synthesis and Policy Options (pdf) Activity H - Implementation Plan Tasks and Timeline (docx)
Gap Analysis (pdf) Planning for Policy Adoption and Implementation (pdf)
Stakeholders (pdf) Health Policy Brief (pdf)
Selecting Policy Options (pdf) Oral Health Brief (pdf)
Communication and Outreach (pdf) Pseudo-Brief (pdf)
Health Impact Pyramid (pdf) Uninsured Brief (pdf)
Promoting Evidence-based Public Health Policy (pdf) PHPI Resource Supplement (docx)
Advancing Public Health Policy without Violating Federal Lobbying Restrictions (pdf) NACCHO Exchange Policy Brief Writing (pdf)

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