Elisabeth Nguyen

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Elisabeth Nguyen

Elisabeth Nguyen

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HDFS: Child Development - BS
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What inspired or interested you about your field of study? And why did you choose OSU/the college?

I have always wanted to work with children, and child development has always intrigued me. There's something really special when you get to witness children at some of their greatest milestones. I chose OSU because it was a big school in a small city. I felt safe and comfortable to grow, and it wasn't too far from home.

Tell us about your time at Oregon State and in the college. Is there someone or something who/that helped you be successful?

I was involved in a few different things at OSU. I joined a sorority my first year because I really needed social interaction considering I graduated high school and started college during COVID-19.

With the help of my chapter, I have volunteered a lot at CASA in downtown Corvallis and was slated for two different positions in the chapter. I have learned a lot of planning, organization and leadership skills because of it.

I have also had a job on campus at Our Little Village for the last 3 years, participated in intramural sports, was a member of Vietnamese Student Association, and recently, I just returned from studying abroad in Spain.

I would say my parents have been the most helpful in being successful because I definitely would not have had all the support or confidence to do the things I did.

What are your post-college dreams/plans?

After college, I will continue to go to school in hopes of getting a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology. I have looked into graduate programs that offer study abroad opportunities, as I also hope to travel the world more. There's so much of the world to see!

Anything else you'd like to add?

My favorite course was definitely HDFS 330 because you get to do more hands-on observations in child development. It's not your typical class with lectures and notes.

One of my favorite activities was visiting the cows when I went on walk toward the Irish Bend Covered Bridge.