Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club

Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club

The Pre-Therapy Club supports students pursuing careers in the rehabilitation sciences. We provide students with opportunities to advance their knowledge of the field itself, volunteer and job opportunities, as well as networking with local Professionals. The Club as a whole raises awareness for individuals with disabilities and hopes to make a positive impact in the community by promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

Faculty adviser | Laura Hoffman

Club president | Nicolas Castaneda

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The Wheel-A-Thon is an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Pre-Therapy and Allied Health Club that takes place on the Oregon State campus.

The event itself is a 20 minute wheelchair relay race through an obstacle course in the Memorial Union Quad. The course represents obstacles that individuals in wheelchairs face every day.

Thank you to all that made the 2014 Wheel-A-Thon a success

Take a look at Students put a spin on disability awareness to see more about this year's event.

Wheel-a-thon Facebook page

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