Trip to Ethiopia strengthens relationships, increases food safety and nutrition awareness

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences works closely with The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) to offer rich and diverse opportunities for students to travel, learn and earn credits. Students may choose an international experience applicable to any PHHS program of study, choose a specific experience related to their major or earn an international degree.

Opportunities are listed by HDFS | Kinesiology & Nutrition.

Students interested in an international experience can choose from the following types of experiences:

Study Tours

Study tours are experiences arranged by faculty or schools in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences. They vary in length from two weeks to a full academic quarter.
Contact | Faculty contact in your academic major


Exchange Opportunities

Exchage opportunities are organized academic programs typically at a university in other countries and are organized by the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.
Contact | Carey Hilbert


Study Abroad

Study abroad is a program housed in OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) and offers opportunities in more than 200 approved programs.  
Contact | The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) office

IE3 Global Internships allow the exploration of professional goals in an international context. The program can be a bridge between academic experience at OSU and future employment or studies in a graduate/professional school.
Contact | IE3 Global Internships @ Oregon State University office


Bangalore, India Summer Abroad

During this India Summer Abroad, students will take excursions to communities in and around Bangalore for experiential learning. It will also provide an opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with hands-on community-based activities.


Botswana Global Learning Internship Program

The Botswana Global Learning Internship Program offers students “hands on” global learning, cross-cultural training, and community-based work opportunities.


Dominican Republic, Summer Abroad

During the Dominican Republic Summer Abroad explore health and culture in this faculty led program. Designed for undergraduate students, this program provides field experience, practicum and service learning opportunities to apply toward Human Development and Family Studies, Public Health or Nutrition options.


London Summer Abroad

During the London Summer Abroad students will learn how preventive health issues are managed under the UK's socialized system of medicine that provides care to a very diverse patient population.