College of Public Health and Human Sciences faculty members – who are accomplished researchers, authors and presenters – actively engage in research with students to improve the lives, health and environment of people and their communities.

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Why is research important? “How else would we learn? Research studies are important because they contribute to knowledge and progress on diseases and disorders. Research is the fastest and safest way to find treatments that both work and do not work. Research leads us to the next question, the next problem to solve, to unknown discoveries and knowledge. How else can we challenge the minds of students?” — Gianni Maddalozzo

Research Centers

Our research centers put us at the forefront in creating synergies that drive healthy change across lifespan, socio-economic standing and cultural boundaries.


Get information about upcoming college seminars and watch archived video of select past seminars on our seminar page.

IGERT in Aging Sciences

The Oregon State IGERT in Aging Sciences is an interdisciplinary traineeship, funded, in part, by the National Science Foundation. The program aims to develop a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists with the professional skills to shape the science, products and policies that will optimize function and independence of older adults in our society.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our college and the university offer multiple paths to engage students in Undergraduate Research in both social science and bench science settings. Engaging in these programs allows students to apply their coursework and build their resumes to become more competitive in both the job market and for graduate school admissions.

Research Labs

The college boasts a wide variety of research laboratory settings.

Grant Proposal Application Resources

The grant proposal application resources page provides resources to support our faculty in developing grant applications.


Synergies online is a news source produced by the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Terra Research Magazine

Terra Research Magazine connects you with the latest findings in energy, Earth systems, natural resources, health, the economy, the arts and the social sciences. View the Terra archive of articles involving the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.