Accreditation Seal | Council on Education for Public HealthAs Oregon’s only accredited College of Public Health and Human Sciences, we advance science to inform the systems that create health solutions for individuals, families and communities in Oregon and beyond. And that science is gaining traction – not only does Oregon State’s two largest grants live in this college, research support is up 21 percent over last year, and grant applications are up 14 percent, despite a tight funding environment. Additionally, Assistant Professor Perry Hystad is one of 17 winners of the National Institutes of Health’s 2014 Early Independence Award— the first researcher at Oregon State to receive an Early Independence Award since they began in 2011.

Also last year, the college added a fourth center of excellence – the Center for Global Health – and began recruiting a dozen new faculty to add to the more than 40 new faculty members hired since 2010. These faculty, including 11 who are endowed, support a growing student body in a world in which three times the number of current public health graduates is needed to meet the needs of the future. Graduate student enrollment has increased 27.5 percent from 2009-10, and the undergraduate public health program has grown 116 percent over the last five years.

In addition to its growth and interdisciplinary focus on health across the lifespan, the college is a standout among other schools and colleges of public health because outreach – in the form of OSU Extension – is built in. In addition to being one of only a handful of schools of public health at a land grant institution, it is the only school with this level of connection to Extension. This relationship is significant, because what the Extension Service did for agriculture in the last century, it will do for health in the next.

The future of public health truly is here!


CPHHS at a Glance

2,970 undergraduates
230 graduate students
220 students at OSU-Cascades campus
323 Ecampus distance students
29% of students represent as a minority
15 student clubs and organizations
200 Students receive a total of more than $400,000 each year in fellowships and scholarships

4 research centers
$18,754,233 in research funding in FY 2015

#4 best HDFS program in the nation
First and only accredited school of public health in Oregon
2 of Oregon State's most popular majors live in this college — Kinesiology and HDFS

Faculty 100+ tenured and tenure-track faculty
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Schools School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
Academic Programs

Athletic Training (MATRN)
Biostatistics (MPH)
Environmental and Occupational Health (MPH, PhD)
Epidemiology (MPH, PhD)
Global Health (MPH, PhD)
Health Management & Policy (MPH, PhD)
Health Promotion & Health Behavior (MPH, PhD)
Human Development and Family Sciences (BS)
Human Development and Family Studies (MS, PhD)
Kinesiology (BS, MS, PhD)
Nutrition (BS, MS, PhD)
Public Health (BS)
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Research Centers Center for Global Health
Center for Healthy Aging Research
Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families
Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health
Outreach PHHS Extension
Extension Family and Community Health
4-H Youth Development
Team Oregon
Accreditation Accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) June, 2014