About the College of Public Health and Human Sciences


Accreditation Seal | Council on Education for Public HealthIt's an exciting time to be part of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences! We launched three new research centers, integrated disciplines into two schools, and changed our name to reflect our vision of caring for the lifelong health and well-being of every person, every family and every community in Oregon and beyond through our journey toward becoming the first CEPH-accredited college of public health in Oregon.

We are building on new momentum, enhancing and building the public health professions workforce, expanding our outreach network, conducting critical research to inform public policy, growing funding and applying interventions to address the most challenging public health issues facing us today: chronic disease, health disparities, obesity, healthcare reform, youth development, health policy, physical activity and environmental health.

Built on a strong foundation of public health – biostatistics, epidemiology, social and behavioral sciences, health policy and management, and environmental health sciences – the college integrates its tradition in the health sciences, including nutrition, exercise science and human development and family sciences. This model allows us to take a holistic approach to disease prevention and health promotion - from cellular to environmental factors to the biological, physical, social and emotional needs of individuals across the lifespan.

We are in the right place at the right time. Together, we will help lower healthcare costs, increase life expectancy and create a healthier, more productive and prosperous life for us all. Every person. Every family. Every community.

Division of Health Sciences

In 2009, OSU’s Strategic Alignment created divisions, and we are pleased to work with the colleges of Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine in the Division of Health Sciences. New collaborations between our colleges take advantage of shared missions, joint research and mutual efforts to advance our excellence in teaching, research and outreach.


CPHHS at a Glance


3,500+ undergraduates
300 graduate students
13 student clubs and organizations
200 Students receive a total of more than $400,000 each year in fellowships and scholarships
2 Research programs for undergraduates

Faculty 150 Faculty
Search Faculty
School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
Academic Programs

Athletic Training (MS)
Biostatistics (MPH)
Environmental and Occupational Health (MPH, PhD)
Epidemiology (MPH)
Exercise & Sport Science (BS, MPH, PhD)
Health Management & Policy (MPH, PhD)
Health Promotion & Health Behavior (MPH, PhD)
Human Development and Family Sciences (BS)
Human Development and Family Studies (MS, PhD)
International Health (MPH)
Nutrition (BS, MS, PhD)
Public Health (BS)
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Research Centers Center for Global Health
Center for Healthy Aging Research

Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families
Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health
Outreach CPHHS Extension and Public Health Practice
Extension Family and Community Health
4-H Youth Development
Team Oregon
Accreditation Accreditated by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) June, 2014