The CPHHS Graduate Student Council (GSC) is a group of graduate student representatives from each of the disciplines within the college who serve as peer representatives to the administrative body of the college.

The goals of the 2017-2018 Graduate Student Council are:

  1. to increase networking and career development opportunities for CPHHS students
  2. streamline communication between the student body and the CPHHS administration, and
  3. to support an inclusive environment for all graduate students in our college.

Council members are chosen by their peers in each graduate academic discipline and serve for the duration of one or two academic years. One representative is elected for each graduate discipline within the college.

The GSC is interested in learning about the needs from our students to identify areas of priority. Write to your representative and let them know your questions, concerns and comments. The council looks forward to your input.

Contact your academic program representative below:

Biostatistics – Jessica Keune
Environmental and Occupational Health – Barrett Welch
Epidemiology - Sharia Ahmed
Global Health - Sarah Sorenson
Health Management and Policy - Abigail Mulcahy
Health Promotion Health Behavior - Allison Gallegos
Human Development and Family Studies - Jessica Henry
Kinesiology - Kim Rogers
Nutrition - Mayra S. Crespo Bellido