CHAR Interest Groups

Interest Groups

Center for Healthy Aging Research

CHAR Interest Groups are flexible, active structures that can foster new research collaborations and be created and retired as needed.

In addition to traditional activities like writing papers or grants together, Interest Group activities are varied, such as:

  • A journal club
  • A brown bag with faculty and/or student presentations
  • Presentations at CHAR retreats
  • Coordinated presentations to each other’s schools or colleges
  • Social get-togethers
  • Public events

Current Interest Groups

Alzheimer’s and Neurodegeneration Interest Group

This Interest Group is currently running a monthly “Cells to Caregivers” journal club. CHAR members and potential CHAR members interested in joining can contact [email protected].

To propose a new interest group

The focus of an interest group should be sufficiently broad to engage a range of CHAR faculty in a topic that spans basic to clinical science, though other topics are also candidates. The plan for the group should include some regular, structured engagement such as a journal club or brown bag.

Proposals signed by three CHAR faculty that describe the topic and the plan should be sent to [email protected].