New endowed director of Moore Family Center

Portrait of David Dallas

New endowed director of Moore Family Center

The following is an excerpt from Acting Dean Rick Settersen's message to the college: 

"Dr. Dallas brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this role. I am certain he will bring exceptional leadership and vision to the Moore Family Center and that the center will continue to thrive, evolve its mission and reach new heights in the years ahead.

"Dr. Dallas has made significant and innovative contributions to the field of nutrition through his research on human and bovine milk bioactives and their effects on gut health. He has successfully built and managed a robust research team of undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research faculty and has secured over $16.9 million in external funding from multiple agencies. 

"He is also deeply committed to fostering collaboration and to pursuing large, transdisciplinary funding opportunities. In addition to his outstanding research portfolio, he has provided important academic leadership as director of the undergraduate and graduate programs in nutrition.
"I would like to express sincere gratitude to Dr. Siew Sun Wong for serving as the interim endowed director of the Moore Family Center for nearly four years. She has been a tireless champion in cultivating a supportive, creative and mission-driven team culture, and has modeled genuine care for her students, teammates and collaborators. 

"Dr. Wong has pioneered innovative and high-quality food security and nutrition education programs and has created lasting ties with community partners to address systemic inequities in health.
"I would also like to thank members of the search advisory committee – Drs. Jenny Jackson, Emily Ho, Kathy Gunter, Matt Robinson and Erica Fleishman – for their diligent work.
"Please join me in congratulating Dr. David Dallas on his new appointment and thanking Dr. Wong for her prior leadership. I am excited about the future of the Moore Family Center."

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