Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program


PAC students with surfboards at Oregon Coast

The Physical Activity Course (PAC) Program provides all Oregon State University students with the knowledge and experience to make intelligent decisions regarding present and future physically active lifestyles. The PAC Program provides quality instruction in safe, adequately equipped facilities and creates a positive, enjoyable environment for learning.


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Physical Activity Office
123 Langton Hall
Phone: 541-737-3222
Fax: 541-737-2788

Why PAC? Professor Brad Cardinal explains.

What We Offer

Recognizing individual interests and abilities, the program provides courses covering a wide variety of physical activities. We make an effort to address contemporary trends and student interests. Offerings may include but are not limited to classes in the areas of: aquatics, artistic & social dance, fitness development, martial arts, mind/body, outdoor recreation, resistance training, sports, and games.


Students receive one or two academic credits for successful completion of a PAC and may choose to take the class either for a grade or on an S/U (successful/unsuccessful) basis. Undergraduate students may count eleven credits toward graduation. Students may repeat the same class as many times as desired.

PAC 299 Canyoneering 2012

Class Schedule

Terms are 10 weeks followed by finals week, with the exception of some summer term classes. PAC courses do not meet during finals week, but assignments can be turned in during this time.


PAC classes are taught by full time faculty in the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences, part time instructors, graduate teaching assistants, athletic coaches, and the community.

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