IMPACT for Life provides safe and effective community-based physical activity opportunities to adults with disabilities through collaboration with various community-based facilities throughout the Corvallis area, utilizing Oregon State University undergraduate student volunteers to provide weekly adaptive exercise instruction that is rooted in evidence-based research.

The focus of each exercise session is to safely and effectively engage participants in aerobic and anaerobic exercise, twice a week for 60 minutes through various modes of physical activity.

Activities that are commonly practiced by current IMPACT for Life participants are; cycling, rock climbing, lifting weights, playing basketball, swimming, dance aerobics, etc. Evidence-based resources such as American College of Sports Medicine and The National Center for Health, Physical Activity for Persons with Disabilities are utilized in the construction and delivery of all on-site exercise instruction.

The role of the onsite student volunteer is crucial, in that it is per their expertise and motivation that the exercise instruction is fun, challenging and successful. Each student volunteer is provided with on-site and classroom training via online webinars and tutorials, CPR and First Aid training through Red Cross, a series of orientations, and mid-term training session.IMPACT 4 Life

"IMPACT for Life provides individualized exercise instruction that motivates, educates and develops each participants physical and metal quality of life!"

Kiley Tyler, past IMPACT for Life Coordinator, and current doctoral student in the Children and Youth in Disabilities Lab at Oregon State University, strives to provide quality program delivery to participants and their families, by emphasizing student development and successful community collaboration.

“We are not only striving to develop the physical and mental state of the IMPACT for Life participant, but to influence a culture of inclusive practice by educating the community and future leaders.”

The participants have a wide variety of abilities and come to IMPACT for Life through referrals from friends, physicians, therapists and families who have experienced the program. Individualized and group physical activity programs are available for participants based on initial screening, ongoing fitness assessment and consultation. Each participant receives individual attention, support, and encouragement from a specially trained OSU undergraduate volunteer or graduate student. The focus is on developing skills to increase physical fitness and health related quality of life.

IMPACT for Life takes place during the academic year, with prearranged group fitness programming and more flexible individual sessions scheduled by the participant and their volunteer, with an enrollment fee of $50 per term (approximately 10 weeks). The program is held off campus at local community recreation centers and area athletic facilities. Parents, friends, family members, primary care providers, and aids may stay to observe the IMPACT for Life sessions or take the opportunity for a respite.

IMPACT for Life is a transitioning services program and was created as an offshoot from the Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today (IMPACT) program, which serves as a motor skills fitness program for children with disabilities, established in 1982. IMPACT for Life works to integrate adults with disabilities into community physical activity opportunities including local gyms, swim clubs, and indoor rock climbing at Dixon. Both programs are directed by faculty members in the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences along with doctoral students in the Adapted Physical Activity Program, a nationally known program. The program lures top graduate students from around the world based on a reputation for research and active outreach programs like IMPACT for Life.IMPACT 4 Life

The program has received support from various sources - Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, US Department of Education, and OSU's College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Those interested in enrolling in IMPACT for Life will be asked to submit an application. A nominal fee of $50.00 is charged for participation access to local athletic facilities.


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