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Juggling a job and family can sometimes make activities like working out seem like a chore. But Oregon State University’s one-of-a-kind Faculty Staff Fitness program makes working out fun – and convenient – for everyone.

Housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the Faculty Staff Fitness program is celebrating 30 years of improving fitness and health by providing a variety of workout classes in a welcoming and inspiring environment. To find out more about the Faculty Staff Fitness program read:

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  • Current Office Hours: 9-5 Monday- Thursday, Friday 9-3, with minimal interruption. Call us at 541.737.3222.
  • Call for FSF Award Nominations- Is there an FSF Instructor or Participant you want to recognize for doing an outstanding job? If so, please nominate them for an FSF award here, or stop by the bulletin board outside the office to pick up a paper nomination form. 
  • 2015 TRY-Athlon- Friday, June 5th. Details here. 
  • Summer Schedule is now available. Registration opens June 1st!
  • All basket/ lockers must be renewed in June if you would like to keep the same one. You can renew online by clicking the "Register Here" button above. 
  • If you are not already utilizing the PEBB Exercise Rewards Program, please ask us how you can qualify for a reimbursement for attending classes!

Class Information

FSF now part of PEBB Exercise Rewards PEBB Exercise Rewards Program & Faculty and Staff Fitness


  • More Info Available Here.
  • PEBB Logs can be dropped off or mailed to the office (123 Langton Hall) along with your contact information and we will contact you when they have been signed. 


FSF Newsletters


Articles and News for your Health

Upcoming Events

  • March 2: Spring Registration Begins
  • March 30: Spring classes begin
  • Spring Term: TRY-Athlon, Adult-Learn-to-Swim Program, Awards Picnic

Procedures and Rentals


Instructor Resources

Our services include

  • FSF Activity Classes - Each term, class schedules are distributed on the web, or in 123 Langton Hall.
  • FSF Listserv - Beneficial program and class information in the form of monthly email announcements. Want to join? Add yourself to the list
  • Lockers - Baskets, lockers (half/full), towels and showers are available for OSU personnel in both Langton Hall and the Women's Building. An additional fee, paid in 123 Langton, is required for these services.
  • Annual TRY-Athlon- Held in late May/ early June, this fundraising event has teams from each college/unit competing in events of walk, run, and swim.

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse Rate Checks - Our fully automated monitor is FREE of charge and is located in Langton 123 (FSF headquarters). Hours are 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Articles - A digest of health and fitness information available on our FSF website.
  • Annual Awards Picnic - Held in late May/early June, participants gather at the conclusion of each year to acknowledge and give recognition to fellow participants who by team, or individual accomplishment, and by nomination and selection, receive annual awards.
  • Free Fitness Assessments - Fitness assessments help determine cardiovascular health, core strength, upper body strength, and flexibility. Call the FSF office for an appointment 541-737-3222. 

Testimonial and Wall of Fame

Wall Of Fame Honorees Of Past (pdf)

I am writing to tell you how thankful I am for the Faculty & Staff Fitness program.

It has literally saved my life.


I was over 300 pounds when its director, Rochelle Schwab, came to the library as a keynote speaker at one of our in-service days. She convinced me that I could exercise and that any exercise would be better than none. Rochelle was also very supportive and encouraging after I joined the program and I credit her as being a big part of my successful weight loss.


I have lost 135 pounds and only have 25 to go to reach my ideal weight. I attend exercise classes at Langton five days a week now and I miss being able to go during the quarter breaks. I have added a before and after photo of myself. My after photo was taken just before I ran the Be Well 5K here on campus earlier this month. This program is so important to me that I want to be sure it is acknowledged for the wonder service it is to the faculty and staff. Thank you for your time.


Best Wishes,
Deborah Carroll

Deborah CarrollDeborah Carroll