PhD Program in Public Health

The PhD program prepares students for careers in research, university teaching in graduate programs, policy analysis and development, and high-level public health positions. A master's degree in a relevant field is required for consideration of admission. Those without an MPH degree will be required to take MPH core courses.

The PhD program consists of a minimum of 109 credit hours, including at least 36 graduate credits devoted to preparation of the thesis. Doctoral students take courses in research and quantitative methods, theory, and their area of emphasis. Each student and his or her doctoral committee jointly determine the student's specific program of doctoral study. This process allows students to design a course of study uniquely suited to their career goals.

Application Deadline

The Public Health Graduate Programs Application page contains instructions for each step of the application process.

Program Concentrations

The College of Public Health and Human Sciences is the only institution in the state of Oregon that offers a PhD in Public Health. More specifically, the College offers a PhD in Public Health with concentrations in:

Further Information

Further information about these programs and application is available in the PhD handbook and the Public Health Graduate Programs Application.

Public Health MPH and PhD graduate programs accept applications to Fall term only.

If you have specific questions about application process, please contact the Public Health Programs Manager.

For academic or professional information specific to the a PhD Program concentration, please contact: