Environmental and Occupational Health

The Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) program focuses on understanding the impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health and society, as well as developing effective interventions that will control and prevent exposure to hazards.

As an applied program, our faculty conducts novel interdisciplinary research and produces graduates capable of improving human health while adhering to principles of sustainable development.

The foundation of our program is exposure assessment, toxicology, risk characterization, and management strategies. Our strength is our interdisciplinary approach to solving domestic and international problems in occupational health and safety, as well as environmental health.

Students are able to develop a concentration in the following areas:

  • Occupational safety and health
  • Environmental epidemiology
  • International environmental and occupational health
  • Disaster research, response and management

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Our Students learn

  • Identify and assess the major environmental and occupational health hazards that impact workers and the general population.
  • Communicate appropriate strategies for preventing and controlling environmental and occupational health hazards
  • Conduct environmental and occupational health applied research
  • Analyze the relationship between organizations that guide, regulate and finance environmental and occupational health practices
  • Apply environmental and occupational health knowledge and skills in practical settings.
  • Adhere to established environmental and occupational health professional practices and ethical standards.

Environmental and Occupational Health Faculty

How To Apply

The Public Health Graduate Programs Application page contains instructions for each step of the application process.

Program Handbooks and Competencies

Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health (MPH) with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health.

Doctoral Program

PhD in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental and Occupational Health.


The College of Public Health and Human Sciences is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health


EOH doctoral students can apply for a fellowship from the American Society of Safe Engineers.

Further Information

If you have specific questions about the application process, please contact the Public Health Programs Manager.

For academic or professional information specific to the OSU Environmental & Occupational Health Program, please contact the program coordinator Dr. Molly Kile.

Resources Outside the College

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