Kinesiology PhD student envisions future as a sports scientist for a hockey team

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Kyle DeRosia

Kinesiology PhD student envisions future as a sports scientist for a hockey team

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Meet Health Hero Kyle DeRosia

Fourth-year kinesiology PhD student Kyle DeRosia, MS, CSCS, from Chesterfield, Mich., recently received a Challenge Scholarship from the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation.

What inspired you to pursue your kinesiology PhD?

I first learned about the field of exercise science while working on my bachelor’s degree.

Since human anatomy and physiology were my favorite subjects in high school and lifting weights was one of my hobbies, it seemed like a great fit for me.

The “foundations of exercise science” course introduced students to various career opportunities within exercise science. I became certain that I wanted to continue in this field when every potential career discussed seemed exciting and fun.

Tell us about your time at Oregon State. Is there someone or something who/that has helped you succeed? 

I am in the fourth year of my kinesiology PhD program. I am currently working on my dissertation proposal with the plan of graduating in spring or summer 2023.

My academic advisor, Sam Johnson, has been helpful in keeping me on track and ensuring my work is of the highest quality.

My wife, Ireland, has also been a tremendous help. She is always willing to listen to me as I talk through ideas, and she helps keep me motivated.

What challenges have you overcome along your academic journey?

The biggest challenge I had to overcome was the COVID-19 pandemic. My kinesiology research lab was shut down, slowing my progress toward my degree. It was also a challenge to be a student and an instructor using remote education.

Do you participate in any campus or community clubs or organizations?

I am not currently involved in any organizations or clubs. However, in the 2021-22 academic year, I was the kinesiology representative for the CPHHS Graduate Student Council, as well as the chair of the Recreational Sports Advisory Board.

Kyle DeRosia
In addition to pursuing his kinesiology PhD, Kyle also works at G3 Sports and Fitness as a strength and conditioning coach.

Please tell us about your kinesiology research.

I am currently working on my dissertation, where I am studying the effects of preparation time and strength on agility performance.

What are your post-college dreams?

I hope to begin a career as a sports scientist with a professional or collegiate hockey team.

What message do you have for your peers or future students?

Time flies, so be sure to make the most of it.

Take risks, try new things and experience as much as you can before an opportunity is gone.