Build My Career Team

Experiential learning opportunity

REAL Program

You will start building your own team of advisors whose suggestions and feedback are essential for your personal and career development.



Gabbi Merales Zott, MS


No prerequisites



Maximum enrollment


NACE competencies

  • Oral/written communication
  • Professionalism/work ethic
  • Career management



Registration options

Start terms

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

Offered as hybrid or online


One in-person class each week. The rest of the coursework is online.

Winter term '23 in-person class meets Wednesday 10-10:50 a.m.


Online only sections will be delivered remotely and asynchronously.

Learning outcomes

  • Prepare tools (LinkedIn profile, interview questions, cold emails, etc.) to get ready for informational interviews
  • Set up and conduct multiple informational interviews
  • Prepare talking points and questions to ask in networking settings

Content / knowledge / concepts

A successful career relies on clear goals, hard work, and constant improvement. The more suggestions and feedback you get from people who know you well, the easier it will be for you to adjust your goals, develop strategies to reach your goals and to improve your work. You will learn how to build a team of trustworthy career advisors from scratch.

Course experiences

  • Develop an effective LinkedIn profile
  • Conduct informational interviews
  • Start networking in different settings

Assessment activities

  • Reflections
  • Short assignments
  • LinkedIn Profile

Additional info

Kinesiology students will sign up for KIN 206 PROJECT:BUILD MY CAREER TEAM.
Public health students will sign up for H 206 PROJECT:BUILD MY CAREER TEAM.



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