Beyond Education Abroad

REAL Program

Experiential learning opportunity

Reflect on your time abroad, explore global elements of your field of study, and learn to articulate your experience abroad as an asset to your future goals.

We are very sorry but Beyond Education Abroad will not be available for the rest of the 2022-2023 academic year.




To be eligible to enroll in this course, students must have successfully completed an education abroad experience administered through the Office of Global Opportunities at Oregon State University.



Maximum enrollment


NACE competencies

  • Oral/written communication
  • Career management
  • Global/intercultural fluency


  • 3

Registration options

Start terms

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring

Offered online


Learning outcomes

  1. Understand the impact time abroad had on their personal and professional development
  2. Develop new perspectives on their own cultures, as well as abilities to think critically about their own values, belief, and goals 
  3. Document their experiences managing the challenges of daily life in a culture different from their own
  4. Demonstrate gained skills in communicating and/or engaging across cultural differences
  5. Articulate the relevance of their experience to their academic work or professional futures as framed by NACE career readiness competencies

Content / knowledge / concepts

  • Basic cultural value systems of all societies
  • How your field of study approaches global challenges
  • Tools to translate international experience as a professional competency

Course experiences

  • Reflect in writing on your experiences abroad and how you navigated challenges
  • Establish professional connections with individuals you met abroad 
  • Research global dimensions of your major or field of study
  • Interview professionals in your field on their international experiences
  • Practice applying to a job highlighting your international skills
  • Share your experiences to inspire most students to travel abroad

Assessment activities

  • Video creation
  • Reflections 
  • Short assignments
  • Papers

Additional info

Contact the Program Manager with OSU GO, to discuss receiving departmental approval.