Exploring health and culture in Ecuador

  The Ecuador program is not running during 2020.

This faculty-led program with flexible, upper-division credit options for Bacc Core and field experience credits, practicum and service learning is offered to undergraduate students.

Explore the interrelationship between Ecuador’s history, culture, systems for health, education and social services and their ability to maintain health among their people.

The program is customized for students to participate in site visits, tours and service learning specific to their area of interest including: Food and Nutrition, Health Behavior/Promotion, Kinesiology, Health Systems Management and Human Development and Family Sciences.

Other CPHHS majors are eligible as are other majors outside of the College.

  • Earn between 4-8 credits based on your needs, including:
    • Variable 410 field experiences/service learning (up to 8 hours) credits in various options (pre-arranged with faculty (NUTR 410)
    • Credits to apply toward OSU Baccalaureate Core (Cultural Diversity) (NUTR 399 or 410)
    • Eligible for applying financial aid award $$ for 2019-20
    • Supported with Gilman Scholarships (if Pell-eligible) and CPHHS College scholarships
  • Work in schools, health and service agencies helping families, seniors and children in Ecuador
  • Excursions, site visits, tours and service learning and interact with Public Health students at University of San Francisco (USFQ) at Quito, Ecuador

Explore Ecuadorean culture, food markets; learn Spanish in our classes and in home stays.

Curriculum site visits and service learning and volunteer in field sites. Tour sights, schools, child and elder care, experience private and community, rural and urban hospitals, clinics and community health and service agencies. Shadow health and service professionals and/or USFQ med students. Participate in nutrition and health screenings, activities and projects.



~$5.200-$5600 for program fees, housing, two meals/day, air fare and air transport; and OSU tuition (for 4-8 credits), guided tours, excursions, Spanish classes. Includes $300 for additional expenses (some lunches, bus/cab fares to service learning sites, miscellaneous in-country expenses)

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For more information, contact:

Mary Cluskey, Ph.D., RD
Nutrition Professor
200 Milam Hall