Botswana Global Learning Internship Program

“Hands on” global learning, cross-cultural training, and community-based work opportunities.

Supported by the Robert & Sara Rothschild Endowment Fund, the Botswana Global Learning Internship Program is a collaborative effort by Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the College of Nursing, University of Michigan (UM), and the Ministry of Health and Wellness in Botswana to offer students “hands on” global learning, cross-cultural training, and community-based work opportunities.

The program is designed to target students from diverse academic backgrounds and interests, including public health, nursing, agricultural sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, social sciences, etc. Student interns work as part of a team of interns and professors on projects related to understanding local cultural practices and beliefs, impact of infrastructure on everyday life and health, education and health infrastructure and services, community food and nutrition, in-clinic and outreach services provided by the local community clinic and health outposts, and related topics.

If you're an undergraduate or graduate student studying public health, agriculture, forestry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, engineering or social sciences, and have a passion for community-based work, you're a great fit.

Be sure to read Eyes wide open: Botswana global health program creates a new worldview.


After traveling to Botswana to conduct public health fieldwork, Victoria Adams changed her major, joined a sorority, and gained an immeasurable amount of confidence.

Experiential learning challenges and inspires OSU students to tackle problems facing our state and the world. Generous donors make many of these experiences possible.

“My time in Botswana helped me understand a whole new worldview,” says MPH student Lauren Welch. “It changed me in ways I didn’t know I could change. I went into the experience expecting to come away with a greater understanding of health on a global scale, but I ended up returning with a million more questions.”


Detailed info about the program is available in Botswana Global Health Internship Program (pdf)

Tentative Program Dates

July 1, 2018—August 1, 2018


Maunatlala, Botswana


Botswana Global Health Internship Program 2018 Application Form (docx)


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