Timeline and Reports

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Phase 1


Project Launch and Environmental Scan

(May-June 2017)


Phase 2


Vision and Strategic Directives

(June-September 2017)

  • “Listening” sessions, e-surveys and focus groups
  • Leadership Team, Strategic Planning Stakeholders Committee and Community Advisory Council meetings
  • All-College Briefing (September 19)
Phase 2 Files


Phase 3


Goals and Engagement

(October 2017-Feburary 2018)

  • Leadership Team, Strategic Planning Stakeholders Committee and College Advisory Council meetings
  • Thought Leadership Consortium (need correct title) – October 25
  • Strategic Plan (1st draft)
  • Task Forces
Phase 3 Files


Phase 4


Business and Resource Plan Framework

(December 2017-February 2018)

Phase 4 Files: Task Force Reports

Goal 1
Assume a leading role in defining health and wellness as an area of distinction for Oregon State University
View Goal 1 Task Force report

Goal 2
Bring the college’s research strengths to bear in solving health issues and improving human lives through the integration of research, innovative curricula and community engagement.
View Goal 2 Task Force report

Goal 3
Broaden access to academic programs, student success and public health workforce capacity
View Goal 3 Task Force report

Goal 4
Ensure relevance of the college’s programs and partnerships for Oregon’s communities, health policies and workforce
View Goal 4 Task Force report

Goal 5
Strengthen the Internal Culture of the College
View Goal 5 Task Force report


Phase 5


Final Draft Plan and Engagement

(February-March 2018)

  • Leadership Team and Strategic Planning Stakeholders Committee meetings
  • Community engagement and feedback
  • Strategic Plan (2nd draft)
  • Implementation Framework (5 years)
Phase 5 Files


Phase 6


Final Strategic Plan, Business Plan and Implementation Plan

(March-December 2018)

  • Years 1-2 priorities and dashboard
  • Announcement and launch
Phase 6 Files



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