Dear College of Public Health and Human Sciences Community,

Since arriving less than a year ago to lead this amazing college, I have been increasingly impressed with its remarkable strengths and the tremendous possibilities that lie within our reach.

Our students and their success is our greatest responsibility and strength. Our research on complex health challenges is our primary contribution to future knowledge. Our community outreach and partnerships enable broad-scale changes that are unparalleled anywhere in the country. Now is the time to reformulate our strategic direction for the next few years to capture our organization’s truly extraordinary potential to fulfill our mission!

We are actively engaging in OSU’s Strategic Plan 4.0 and mapping alignment of the college’s plan with Oregon State’s future vision. This concurrent timing allows the college to influence the OSU plan to define health as a strategic priority, while simultaneously generating a college strategic plan that focuses our priorities, embodies our strengths and reinforces our collective effort across Oregon State University.

Central to the project’s success is the participation of the college community. I ask for your support and guidance as we chart our course for the future. You will have many opportunities to provide input, and I encourage you to contribute your ideas and feedback. We are committed to transparency and will provide updates, solicit input and document our progress on this site.

Leadership for the project relies on the CPHHS Leadership Team, the Community Advisory Council and the Stakeholder Strategic Planning Committee. We have hired The Napa Group, consultants specializing in higher education strategy, leadership and organizational design – who have a great deal of experience with OSU – to facilitate. The Napa Group will bring data, information and analysis to help guide our strategies. They already have shared early perspectives from university and external stakeholders, and we will engage additional perspectives from CPHHS faculty, staff and students through focus groups, surveys and other activities throughout the project. A series of task forces will build the strategic plan initiatives and action items.

Plan drafts will be presented broadly for input and feedback starting later this year, and we will launch our implementation plan by Spring 2018. I look forward to working with you in a spirit of collaboration to create a vibrant and impactful future.

F. Javier Nieto, Dean