College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Strategic Planning Process 2017-2018

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To stay ahead of the pace in the rapidly changing context affecting population health and well-being, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University initiated a strategic planning process to map a course for 2018-2023. Capitalizing on our strengths of cohesive public health and human sciences, deep outreach into communities through statewide Extension, and ready collaborations with the diverse expertise of other OSU colleges, the plan forges new directions for the college. The plan affirms the college’s place at the intersection of education, research, outreach and community engagement and capitalizes on our strong collaborative and inclusive culture to fulfill our vision: lifelong health and well-being for every person, every family, every community, in Oregon and beyond.

Developed concurrently with OSU’s strategic plan 4.0, the college plan positions us to lead the university-wide focus on human health and wellness within the context of a healthy planet and a healthy economy. Our overarching goal — to champion the discovery and implementation of ideas that advance the lifelong wellness of people and communities as part of OSU’s integrated health sciences initiative – is realized through goals for integrated health sciences research, education that graduates professionals ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century, partnerships that positively impact health and well-being of communities, and a culture of health that promotes equity, inclusion and social justice.

Our research crosses disciplinary boundaries to address the complexity of emerging challenges to mental and physical health over the lifespan. Consistent with OSU’s land-grant mission, the impact of our research will be amplified through renewed outreach efforts to work collaboratively with communities and to find innovative ways to translate scientific discoveries to actual implementation in practice.

The plan reinforces our commitment to prepare a professional workforce capable of meeting current and future challenges, as well as to increase student access and success while excelling in graduating diverse and first-generation students. We will engage our community partners in conversations to shape the curriculum and broaden experiential learning opportunities, including increasing research and global experiences, which are crucial for students to be informed about the scope of the larger worlds they will impact.

This plan was elaborated using an iterative and transparent process to garner the perspectives of faculty, staff, students, alumni and multiple stakeholder groups. It frames the actions of our more than 250 faculty and staff and our 3,000 students through greater use of partnership, technology and innovation. Current budgetary challenges will be addressed through use of priority criteria for all implementation tactics. We will continue to find opportunities for redirection and increased efficiencies, take bold action where there is potential for the greatest impact, and capitalize on the distinctions that make our college unique among schools of public health in the United States and globally.

We hope you find value in reading the summary strategic planning report and that you will engage with us to realize our shared vision.