Precision Medicine Initiative and the Potential Impact on Public Health
Michelle Odden, PhD
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, CPHHS
Andrés Houseman, ScD
Associate Professor of Biostatistics, CPHHS
Shannon McWeeney, PhD
Associate Professor, Knight Cancer Institute

The White House recently announced the Precision Medicine Initiative, the goal of which is to revolutionize medicine and generate the scientific evidence to move individualized treatment and prevention into practice. In this Seminar, the presenters will describe the goals of the Initiative, motivating science, potential concerns, and impact for public health.

Michelle Odden, PhD, OSU, describes the development of a mega-cohort study, designed to provide a detailed health profile of over a million American volunteers.

Andreas Houseman, ScD, OSU, describes tailored treatment strategies, with a special focus on cancer treatment and prevention, where the majority of the scientific advances have been made.

Shannon McWeeney, PhD, OHSU, discusses the advances and challenges in health data sharing, based on her research in cancer and other complex diseases. There will be discussion about both the potential for innovation as well as concerns about unintended consequences of this Initiative for public health.