Research seminar: February 16, 2024

Heat, Housing and Health: Assessing Exposure to Extreme Temperatures in Affordable Housing

February 16, 2024

The rapidly transforming climate has grave implications on the public’s health, which are experienced through extreme events such as heat waves. In this presentation, Vivek Shandas, PhD examines the interaction among extreme heat, the built environment, and exposure pathways that accelerate impacts to human health.

Co-sponsored by the College of Health Environmental and Occupational Health Program.


Vivek Shandas, PhD
Founder and Director of the Sustaining Urban Places Research Lab
Geography - Liberal Arts & Sciences
Portland State University

Vivek Shandas, PhD specializes developing strategies for addressing the implications of climate change on cities. His teaching and research examine the intersection of exposure to climate-induced events, governance processes, and planning mechanisms.

As an interdisciplinary scholar, Shandas studies the emergent characteristics that generate vulnerability among communities and infrastructure.

Theoretically, he views cities as grand experiments that are socially constructed, and can vary in their capacities to adapt to changing social and ecological conditions.

Empirically, he examines the human and planetary forces that facilitate (or inhibit) collective response. As such the broad aims of his teaching and research are to identify threats to planetary habitation, and shape landscapes to improve urban environmental quality. He teaches courses in environmental planning, participatory geographic information systems (GIS), and climate adaptation.