Research seminar: October 6, 2023

OSU ASP3IRE Center Ignite Colloquium: Protecting Children’s Environmental Health – Research to Action

October 6, 2023

OSU ASP3IRE Center pilot project awardees

How do air quality communications influence healthy decisions? Translating evidence-based resources about children’s exposures to smoke-related air pollution.

Cathy Slavik, PhD, MPH
Center for Science Communication Research, University of Oregon

Generate and translate observational and experimental data to develop infographics that inform and promote risk-informed decision making among parents and educator to improve knowledge and the adoption of smoke-protective actions.

Junior Outdoor Food Navigators (JOFN)

Xiangyou (Sharon) Shen, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, OSU College of Forestry

Siew Sun Wong, PhD
Professor, OSU College of Health

Use evidence-informed practices to foster youth climate resilience and environmental health through positive outdoor food experiences.

Breaking the Silence: Helping Parents Promote Climate Literacy

Anya Kamenetz
Senior Advisor, Aspen Institute "This Is Planet Ed"

Engage parents and children in a co-design process to refine an intervention designed to begin age-appropriate climate discussions with children 5 to 17.