Research seminar: February 17, 2020


Public Health Research in the OCHIN Community Health Center Network

February 7, 2020

Annie Larson, PhD
Research Analyst, OCHIN
Portland, Oregon

OCHIN administers two HRSA-funded Health Center Controlled Network (HCCN) awards. Through these awards they provide federally qualified health centers with technology solutions and support services to help them provide the best care to their patients and improve health outcomes for some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. In this presentation, Dr. Larson will give an overview of OCHIN and its research, while highlighting findings from projects that she has worked on. She currently serves as site PI on two of OCHINs expansion projects and as an analyst on a third expansion project.

Annie Larson earned her PhD in Health Policy from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU. She currently works for OCHIN, a nonprofit health care innovation center designed to provide knowledge solutions that promote quality, affordable health care for all.

Annie’s public health experience ranges from policy work in state and local health departments, quantitative and qualitative research, applied epidemiology, and health policy research. Although her research has covered a range of health policy topics, her focus has primarily been on the impact of health care reform and Medicaid expansion on the utilization of preventive and behavioral health services among vulnerable populations. She has a particular interest in rural health and access to care.