Research seminar: January 19, 2018

From Non-Wearable Sensors to Advancing Telehealth Care Delivery: An Operations Engineering Approach

January 19, 2018

Harriet B. Nembhard, Ph.D.
Roy J. Carver Professorship in Engineering
Dean of the College of Engineering
University of Iowa

Harriet's research employs methods of statistics and operations research to improve complex systems and has led to numerous advances including the development of visualization methods for communicating healthcare data, a patented manufacturing process for small-scale medical devices, simulation models for assessing emergency department performance, modeling patient adherence to treatment, and tools for quantifying research translation.

Throughout her career, she has advanced a community of inclusive excellence where diversity, equity, and equal opportunity create a welcoming environment that enables success for everyone. She has led and participated in efforts in this regard across the academy and professional societies including NSF ADVANCE, NSF LATTICE, NSF TECAID, National Academy of Engineering, and Society of Women Engineers.