Research seminar: October 16, 2015

Social Insurance: America’s Neglected Heritage and Contested Future

October 16, 2015

Theodore R. Marmor, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Management &
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
School of Management
Yale University

Theodore R. Marmor’s scholarship primarily concerns welfare state politics and policy in North America and Western Europe. The author or co-author of eleven books, Marmor has published over a hundred articles in a wide range of scholarly journals, as well as being a frequent op-ed contributor to U.S. and Canadian newspapers. Professor Marmor was associate dean of Minnesota's School of Public Affairs, a faculty member at the University of Chicago, the head of Yale's Center for Health Services, a member of President Carter's Commission on the National Agenda for the 1980s, and a senior social policy advisor to Walter Mondale in the Presidential campaign of 1984. He has testified before Congress about medical care reform, social security, and welfare issues, as well as being a consultant to government and non-profit agencies.