School of Human Development and Family Sciences

School of Human Development and Family Sciences

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Welcome to the School of Human Development and Family Sciences.

We explore how lives and relationships develop within the context of family, work, school and society, and we work to create compassionate, effective solutions for 21st century social problems.

We are consistently in the top 10 HDFS programs in the United States and are the No. 1 undergraduate HDFS program in Oregon.

Our faculty and degree programs were recently part of the School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences. Learn more about our college name change and restructuring.


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Microcredentials are high-quality educational opportunities that can help advance your career with less time and financial commitment than a formalized degree or certificate program.

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(This is not an exhaustive list. We are still rebuilding our database of faculty publications. Visit individual faculty profiles for more extensive lists of their publications.)


Vacchiano, M., Hollstein, B., Settersten, R.A., Spini, D.  (2024)  Networked Lives: Probing the Influence of Social Networks on the Life Course  Advances in Life Course Research  
Kurth, M.L., Witzel, D.D., Segerstrom, S.C., Choun, S., Aldwin, C.M.  (2024)  Cohort Differences in PTSD Symptoms and Military Experiences: A Life Course Perspective  The Gerontologist  64(2)
Monroe, A.D., Judge, S.T., Bass, C.L., Crofford, L.J., Segerstrom, S.C.  (2024)  Optimism and Sleep in Aging Women: Bidirectional Relationships  Psychosomatic Medicine  
Sung, M., McClelland, M.M., Massey, W., Logan, S.W., MacDonald, M.  (2024)  Association between motor skills and executive function of children with autism spectrum disorder in Taiwan and the United States  Frontiers in Public Health  11


Settersten, Richard A., Dannefer, Dale, Elder, Glen H., Mortimer, Jeylan T., Kelley, Jessica A.  (2023)  Studying social change in human lives: a conversation  Longitudinal and Life Course Studies  

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