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School of Exercise, Sport, and Health Sciences

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Welcome to the School of Exercise, Sport, and Health Sciences.

Our school explores the science of movement and comprises degrees in kinesiology, athletic training, adapted physical education and physical therapy.

Our faculty and degree programs were formerly part of the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences. Learn more about our college name change and restructuring.


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(This is not an exhaustive list. We are still rebuilding our database of faculty publications. Visit individual faculty profiles for more extensive lists of their publications.)


Tucker, A.P., Norcross, M.F., Hannigan, K., Johnson, S.T.   (2024)  The Effect of Insurance Type on Time to Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Pediatric Patients: A Critically Appraised Topic  International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training  
Darling, S., Wanser, S., Jiang, D., Schuna, J., Udell, M., MacDonald, M.  (2024)  Unleashing potential: Boosting physical activity in children with developmental disabilities via a family-dog-assisted intervention  Human-Animal Interactions  12(1)
Kaiyala, M., Hannigan, J.J., Traut, A.G., Pollard, C., Zech, A.  (2024)  Bilateral movement asymmetries exist in recreational athletes during a 45° sidestep cut post-anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction  PeerJ  
Mulligan, C.M., Johnson, S.T., Pollard, C.D., Hannigan, K., Athanasiadis, D., Norcross, M.F.  (2024)  Deceleration Profiles Between the Penultimate and Final Steps of Planned and Reactive Side-Step Cutting.  Journal of Athletic Training  59(2)

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