Initiated by the College of Public Health and Human Sciences in 1994 with funds from the B. E. Knudson Endowment, the Family Policy Program offers undergraduate, graduate, and extended education, along with applied research and evaluation to improve the well-being of individuals and families across the lifespan.

Human Development Family Sciences (HDFS) students and faculty are among the most active in the family policy program. HDFS students have worked in the Oregon State Legislature, national, state and local family service agencies, advocacy organizations, and other settings.

Human Development and Family Sciences faculty are conducting research on issues including:

  • Outcome evaluation models for prevention and early intervention initiatives,
  • Evaluation of family literacy programs and child maltreatment prevention programs,
  • Cost and benefit analysis of early intervention programs,
  • Childhood care and education costs and planning systems,
  • Poverty and welfare reform, and
  • Kin and nonkin foster care.

This family policy research, presented at the National Academy of Sciences HDFS, national and state professional meetings, and the Oregon Legislature, has advanced both scholarship and practice. Human Development and Family Sciences faculty have also contributed to key policy-related conferences in Oregon and the nation.

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