Molly Wheeldon

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Molly Wheeldon

Molly Wheeldon

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Why did you choose the College of Health at OSU to pursue your studies?

In the College of Health at OSU, there is an abundance of opportunities sitting in the palm of my hand. From gaining hands-on research experience and pre-medical mentoring, I have access to valuable resources that I know will help me achieve my career and education goals.

What sparked your interest in health?

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to become a physician. I have gone from watching childhood health-related shows such as Doc McStuffins, to making meaningful steps toward this momentous goal. Obtaining a career in health means having the ability to make a positive impact on my environment, community and individual self – something of immeasurable value.

Why are you interested in research?

By engaging in research, I am fully immersing myself into the College of Health experience. Research allows me to gain direct involvement in the realm of science and health, affirming and expanding my passion for the two subjects. Through research, I am forming meaningful connections, engaging in personal growth, and enhancing my knowledge in various fields.

What research will you be working on and with whom?

Under the mentorship of Veronica Irvin, I will be analyzing interval breast cancer data gathered from interviews with women who experienced this health concern. Additionally, I will partake in writing grant proposals that would expand the ability to perform breast cancer research.

What are your future career and/or academic plans?

After graduating OSU in the spring of 2026, I plan to further my education by attending medical school. My ultimate goal is to become a physician, which enables me the opportunity to pursue my interest in medicine while also engaging in continuous learning and impactful leadership.


The Healthy Discoveries undergraduate research program is made possible with the generous support of the Patricia Valian Reser Fund for Experiential Learning.