Fiker Tsehaye Berhe

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Fiker Tsehaye Berhe

Fiker Tsehaye Berhe

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Human Development and Family Sciences and Women | Gender and Sexuality
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Why did you choose the College of Health at OSU to pursue your studies?

I chose COH because I have always been passionate and interested in training human health. Coming from a third-world country, I have always strived to be a part of a community that can provide better health and bring it back to the country I am originally from.

What sparked your interest in health?

What sparked my interest is wanting to create a system that is available to all, making sure that it’s equitable, and striving to make a difference in others’ lives.

Why are you interested in research?

The reason why I am interested in research is that as a student who is within the College of Health, it is important that the work that is done not only benefits individuals but is also widespread globally to help others as well. I would like to contribute to bettering health on a global scale.

What research will you be working on and with whom?

I am currently working on research with Dr. Marit Bovbjerg. We are looking into physical activity in correlation to cesarean section.

What are your future career and/or academic plans?

My plan for the future is to go to physician assistant school and also later on potentially get my PHD in HDFS.


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