Post Award refers to the period after an award has been made, continuing through final closeout. Ian Goldberg, CPHHS Director of Post Award Research, is the primary contact for assistance with grants and contracts after inception. C.J. Clevinger is the backup and will assist with Just-In-Time (JIT) requests.

Contact Ian for any or all of these reasons:

  • You get a notice or request from an agency, OSRAA, HSBC, or another campus office
  • You are concerned about your budget
  • You are not certain that your payroll is being posting properly
  • You need to request more time to complete the work
  • You want to increase your understanding of your awards and funding sources


For new awards, PIs should be on the lookout for two documents – the Award Intake Notification, and then the PI Letter. The Award Intake identifies the agency, agreement number, Cayuse number and dollar amount. The campus research office OSRAA will setup the index after reaching agreement on the terms, and share those details in the PI Letter.

PIs may reach out to Ian once they have received details about the award. At that point, the budget will need to be finalized, sub awards established, and payroll processes initiated. Any special terms will be explained, and the reporting requirements will be highlighted.

If your award has Human Subjects, you may see the release of a reduced budget while the IRB review is being conducted. This is to control the funding for that component of the research, while allowing other work to commence.

For existing awards, contact Ian with your index number(s). Routine needs for post award support include:

  • Budget reviews and adjustments
  • Payroll planning and redistributions
  • Reviews of spending and fixes
  • No-cost extensions


Significant changes and items often require sponsor approval. Ian can help you with items like these:

  • Changes in key personnel (+/- 25%)
  • Changes in student support
  • Addition of sub-awardee
  • Change in scope of work
  • Major re-budgeting
  • Addition of capital equipment


Because some of the requests are complex, require extensive documentation, and may need to be submitted 30 days in advance, please contact Ian as soon as you suspect you may need to make any of these significant changes.


What is the process for getting post award support?

The best way to initiate post award support is to call Ian at 7-8791, or email to

Simple matters may be resolved via email or a phone conversation. Most of the time a meeting will be suggested, to identify the specific issues and come up with a strategy to reach a solution. In any case, he will work with your busy schedule.


Portfolio Reviews

Ian will also meet with researchers to perform a “Portfolio Review,” a review all of their awards and funding streams. This is an excellent opportunity to do a stress-free review, share ideas, get questions answered, and learn management tips using campus software.



Ian is committed to reducing the administrative burden to allow PIs to focus on the science of their research. With contact at the point of the PI letter, you can get budgets reconciled, sub-awards set up, and important payroll processes initiated. We can determine a follow up plan for things like annual reports, renewals/continuations, significant project milestones, and management through completion and closeout.