Sports Injury Prevention Research Group

Research goals

  1. Prevention of lower extremity sports injury
  2. Understanding underlying neural mechanisms for improving explosive muscle performance
  3. Promoting adoption and implementation of evidence-based best practices and effective injury surveillance
    We work on a variety of fronts to prevent injury and improve sport safety. Our goal is to develop a holistic understanding of the biological and physical aspects of human movement in the greater context of public health. We accomplish this using human motion capture instruments, clinical and field-based assessments, and traditional population-based public health approaches. You can learn more about our research capabilities below.

Instrumentation and resources

Human motion analysis

We study and capture dynamic human movement in a fully equipped 2000 square foot biomechanics laboratory setting. Our instrumentation and resources include:

  • 8 Camera Optitrack system
  • 3 Bertec force platforms
  • 16 channel Noraxon telemetered electromyography system
  • Instrumented, ceiling-mounted safety harness system
  • Biodex System 3 Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • MotionMonitor data collection and analysis software
  • AnyBody biomechanical modeling software

Sensorimotor testing

A 600 square-foot laboratory space is used for sensorimotor testing and data analysis

  • Biopac electromyography system
  • NeuroCom SMART Balance Master
  • Grass S88 Stimulators
  • Computers with data acquisition, control and data analysis capabilities

Research skills and expertise

  • Evidence based practice in athletic training and sports medicine
  • Injury surveillance and epidemiology
  • Dissemination and implementation of injury prevention programs
  • Policy development and evaluation
  • Biomechanical analysis: kinematics, kinetics, postural stability, movement variability, joint power and work
  • Muscle function: electromyography, strength and power assessment