Sports Injury Prevention Research Group

Director: Marc Norcross PhD, ATC

Core Faculty

Marc Norcross, PhD, ATC

Marc Norcross completed doctoral training in Human Movement Science with a concentration in biomechanics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He joined the OSU faculty in 2011 and serves as an associate professor in the College of Health. Marc’s laboratory-based research focuses on identifying factors related to physical activity-related lower extremity injuries such as ACL injuries. He also engages in complementary, community-based research projects that seek to improve sports injury surveillance and the translation of evidence-based best practices to impact population-level health. When not working, he enjoys exploring Oregon with his wife, Emily, and their two children.

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC, EMT, FNATA

Mark Hoffman completed his doctoral training from Indiana University in Motor Control with a minor in Neuroscience. He has been on faculty at OSU since 2000 and has served as Athletic Training Program Director, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies and Vice Provost for International Programs. Mark’s lab-based motor control research has focused on neural mechanisms associated with female ACL injuries. Additionally, he is exploring ways to integrate a population health approach into athletic training practice, with specific interest in the athletic trainer’s role addressing the public health issues of asthma.

Sam Johnson, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Sam Johnson completed his doctoral training in Exercise and Sport Science with a sports medicine concentration at Oregon State University. He currently is a clinical professor in the College of Health.  Dr. Johnson’s research is divided between laboratory-based and population level research. The laboratory-based research is focused on the neural control movement as it relates to injury prevention. The population level research involves how to effectively implement best practice recommendations into practice using a collaborative approach with stakeholders.

Cathy Brown Crowell, PhD, ATC

Cathy Brown Crowell completed her masters and doctoral training at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Interdisciplinary Human Movement Science with a concentration in Biomechanics. She joined Oregon State University in 2016 as a Clinical Associate Professor. Cathy’s lab-based research focuses on lower extremity sports injury biomechanics, movement variability as it relates to injury occurrence, and overuse and non-time-loss injuries. An additional line of research focuses on the clinical utility of patient-reported outcomes, functional tests, and orthopedic evaluation for chronic ankle instability. She enjoys spending time with her family, her dog, and visiting the Oregon coast.

Affiliated Faculty


  • Anita Huang
  • Colin Mulligan
  • Lyndsay Stutzenberger