Research seminar: May 17, 2024

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A Veterinary Perspective on the One Health Approach

Co-Sponsored with the Epidemiology Program

May 17, 2024

In-person: Hallie E. Ford Center room 115

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Ryan Scholz, DVM, MPH
State Veterinarian
Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA)

Dr. Ryan Scholz is the State Veterinarian for the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA). He assumed this role on November 2, 2020, bringing with him extensive experience in emergency management and animal disease control. Dr. Scholz is responsible for overseeing the health of all livestock in Oregon, which includes a wide range of animals from chickens and waterfowl to household pets.

Before becoming the State Veterinarian, Dr. Scholz joined ODA in 2012 as a district veterinarian for Western Oregon. His contributions have been significant, particularly in terms of technological advancements within the Animal Health Program, which have improved the program's ability to serve customer needs. In addition to his role as a district veterinarian, Dr. Scholz took on the responsibilities of Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. Notably, he led a team of animal rescue experts to Paradise, California, after the devastating Camp Fire in 2018 and coordinated animal evacuations during the Oregon wildfires.

As the State Veterinarian, Dr. Scholz's primary responsibilities include preventing and tracking livestock diseases, supporting practicing veterinarians across the state, and implementing regulations related to animal health such as certificates of veterinary inspection, livestock identification and tracking, and quarantines for infected animals. His work also involves close coordination with the Oregon Health Authority, particularly on diseases like rabies that can be transmitted between animals and humans. Recently, Dr. Scholz and his team have been involved in monitoring SARS-CoV-2 in production animal populations and companion animals, as well as communicating potential risks associated with the virus.

Dr. Scholz's role is critical in ensuring the health and safety of Oregon's animal population, and his expertise in both veterinary medicine and public health positions him well to lead the state's efforts in animal disease control and emergency response.